About Us

perform 3- Dimensional Mechanical Design

Who We Are

Tenaci Engineering Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in March 2007 as a joint venture between Spyker Cars N.V. (Netherlands), Challenger Management Group B.V. (Netherlands) and Mr. Harish Mehta. The objective of the joint venture was to perform 3- Dimensional Mechanical Design Work for Spyker Cars, duly supported by Tata Technologies Ltd. (India) and Dassault Systems (France). It was unfortunate that Spyker Cars went into bankruptcy and a new management from Russia took over the activities and placed their shareholding in the Indian company for sale.

Mr. Harish Mehta acquired the company in 2012.  He bought over the shares and the structure of new company in 2012 and the current Board members of the company are as follows :


Mr. Harish Mehta


Mr. Pranav Mehta


Mr. Oedith Narain Jaharia (Dutch National)


Ms Pallavi Mehta has been recently inducted from 2017.

What we do

Subjects prevalent in the modern world economy such as fast mobility of human beings, quick transfer of goods from one place to another; to depict in a wholesome way the doctrine of rapid urbanization makes our organization’s performance capabilities more and more complex.

Tenaci has a very proactive management with its global outlook; we believe that knowledge is an asset created across the world. To benefit humanity, we need to associate and collaborate between countries and societies. Please see below our associations:

Tenaci Engineering has its strategic association with an Institute in Europe to construct roads through Nano Based Technology, with its seven years long experience of technology and “feel the pulse” of Indian roads Tenaci is now capable to revolutionize the durability of road infrastructure in various parts of the Country



While we adopt the technologies through PowerCem and develop it to be perfectly used in Indian conditions, our mission remains to preserve natural raw materials for the coming generations.


Tenaci merges the PowerCem philosophy which is most advanced in the modern complex world – Vision is to use or re-use in situ materials.

Our objectives are to supply end users of the technology with ecologically/economically sustainable solutions, while spreading the knowledge of our technology worldwide by working with local partners. We distinguish ourselves by our patented products, expertise, bespoke advice and the scientific underpinning of our technology

Outlook – India

Tenaci is now focused to create of a marketable high-tech product, i.e. a pre-fabricated and low-cost cargo and passenger transport that will serve as the basis for transportation systems in many infrastructure projects, both of small businesses and large mining and industrial companies. It will also be the basis for the construction of public transport systems in cities and megalopolises, alongside with high-speed intercity traffic that will easily solve most complex problems of the “last mile” of any project. Our main goals are always:

Raising safety and reducing injuries in transport, saving millions of people from death on the roads, preventing the emergence of millions of invalids and cripples; raising social standard of living, improving the environment; Promoting social activity of people, offering them the opportunity to travel at higher speed, comfort and safety.

Tenaci has already received LOIs from Government agencies to establish three projects:

  • A 140 Kms of Inter City connectivity
  • A 16 kms Intra City passenger mobility project.
  • Establishment of a Research and Development Techno Park spread over 100 acres.

Tenaci Engineering Private Limited prides itself as an organization for working on the principles of always putting the nation and its people first. We believe in delivering technologically adept, economically feasible and ecologically acceptable solutions for the transportations problems of the country for its sustainable development.