Adoption of advanced road technologies in India 26 July 2016

Positive Political Will !

Congratulations! Honourable Minister The Senior Officers of the Ministry NHIDCL for facilitating the growth and advancement of road technologies in the Indian road sector through implementation of various Memos & Modifying IRC Norms.


A Nation where GDP Growth Rate touches 8% there. . . A ROAD IS NOT JUST A PAVEMENT . . . Its actually AN ECONOMIC CORRIDOOR

Adoption still a challenge!

In spite of modified of policies, technology adoption still a Challenge !!! Does this imply – Hesitation to place the technologies in Practice?

Growth Rate Auto Sector – A Ration

Why Auto Sector Grew Rapidly from 1984 to 1992 to 2016???

Liberal Adoption of Growth Facets by Govt. and Private Sector by way of Science & Technology, Regulations, Commerce, and Industrial Policies.

This led to a Quick Knowledge Import by the Corporate : ISO, QS, Euro Norms, International Test Labs, Management Systems, International Human Capital raised the QUALITATIVE BAR of the sector.

This positively impacted the domestic outlook – resulting quick indigenization of institutes like Natrip, Domestic Test Labs, Bharat Norms etc.



Accountability Issue a hurdle in fearless implementation Knowledge Gap on Global Aspects on technology adoptions Inadequate exposure towards world Road technologies Engineers Gridlock to Unlearn and then Learn advanced technologies Government Policy Makers hail from the Old School

An Eye Opener!

To Understand Better Lets Quickly Try To Place Auto Sector In Front of The Road Sector

Growth Rate Road Sector – A Rationale

Why Road Sector could not grow as Rapidly from 1984 to 1992 to 2016

Conservative Adoption of Advance Technologies by Govt. & Private Sector

Old School Approach towards bringing Science & Technology, Regulations, Commerce, Policies into the MAIN STREAM.

No Focus towards Standardization: Systems such as ISO, QS, Intl Norms, International level Test Labs, globalization of Human Capital etc. were overlooked.

Example: IRC Norms last modified in 2012, after 2001, are still to be fully implemented



The industry produced a 23.3 Mn vehicles in April-March 2015 compared to 21.5 Mn in April-March 2014, registering a growth of 8.68% over the period.


Lead To Globalization Of Auto Sector

Worlds Best 3D Mechanical Design Tools In India


Results – Road Sector

  • No. of cases of Accidents registered (2014): 111,218
  • India total Roads: 2 Mn Kms and about 1 Mn Kms are poorly constructed.
  • India has 53 NHs & >> carrying about 40 % of road traffic. Although its impressive but 25% of villages in India still have poor road links.
  • Pot Holes, Surface Cracks, Depleted Shoulders, Water Logging is quite common.
  • Plans show that MoRTH wants to build 34km of roads per day but its without significant improvements. Advanced technologies will help.
  • Safety Norms in Road Construction: We have no Safety Data Sheets for meterials being used for Road construction. Health Hazard…..
  • Political Impact: Government includes Qualitative Growth of roads in its Manifestos but unfortunately fails every time. Society is deprived of good roads
  • Litigation, Bank NPAs increase because of delays, non performance. Advanced Technologies are more organized and better defined to avoid such situations.

Status Of Advanced Technologie

  • World’s best Products and Technologies facing hardships in entering Indian road sector
  • Waiting for almost a decade to be adopted even after technical accreditation
  • Best Brains in the Industry have been harassed and forced out
  • An environment of discouragement created for new and genuine market players

Opportunity Cost

The Budgetary Effect:
Loss to the Exchequer: 6% to 23% in INITIAL COST of Road Construction And Loss to the Exchequer: 25% to 44% in MAINTAINENCE of roads Source: Feditech, The Netherlands

Opportunity Ignored

Advanced Technologies bring in:

  • Environmentally Friendly Aspects
  • Avoids Mining Menace
  • Speed in Road Construction
  • Durability in Road Construction



  • Completely Fresh Policy to be structured
  • Advanced Technologies to be Tendered
  • Focus on Human Capital
  • Laboratories, Test Methods, Modern Equipment for Best Practices
  • Best of Old School with Advanced School to be Merged for best results