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nanoscience road innovations from netherlands

Problems with Traditional Road Construction

  • Highly Intensive Import of Foreign Material
  • Replacement of In-Situ Material with
  • more suitable material
  • Disturbance to surrounding environment
  • Water Sensitive and Time Consuming
  • Non – Adaptable & Un-Sustainable

Problems with Traditional Road Construction

Making “Good” Pavement Material from “Bad” Pavement Material
  • Use additives to enhance the properties of sub grade & pavement material properties : strength, volume stability, durability and permeability
  • Transform In-situ material into a suitable road construction material
  • Makes possible the use of cheaper unfavorable material as a suitable material for making a pavement
  • Avoids the need to import materials
  • Economical,Faster and Sustainable Method of Choice

What is RoadCem

Compound made of 20 components consisting of Alkali Earth Metals, Synthetic Zeolites and Complex Activators . It is acts as a modified of cement bound material – changing the molecular behavior of cement to form a dense matrix with bound soil particles .  Stabilization of Any Soil type on Site – Clay,Black Cotton, Sand,etc . Also makes possible the use of material available on site and minimal imports & NO Aggregates • Water Impermeable Layer


The Magic of RoadCem Hydration

  • Increased Rate of Hydration & Crystallization of Calcium Hydroxide accordingly occurs at different rates ,reduced heat generation
  • More Crystals formed during the reactions and the relevant Crystalline matrix is much more extensive.